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Gavin drives into a new career
6th Mar 2015 by Brenden Brien

Like many mature age jobseekers, Gavin McGhee, 63, of Preston, found it difficult to return to the workforce despite his years of experience, strong work ethic and high reliability.

Young People Employment Advantages
3rd Mar 2015 by Brenden Brien

1. Understand new technology.

2. A ‘can do’ attitude!

3. Prepared to travel.

4. Flexible.

5. Looking for fresh challenges.

6. High energy level.

7. Fewer commitments outside work.

8. Still in ‘learning mode’ – good approach to a new job!

Kirsty's Inspirational Story

“Last year, my life was falling apart before my eyes.  It was like I was standing on top of a brick wall, and the bricks were shattering beneath me.  Not one at a time, but three or four.  My relationship with my partner deteriorated, my housing s

Everything on your resume is true - right?
18th Feb 2015 by Brenden Brien

A well-spoken referee can be the difference between giving a potential employee a tick or culling them from your short list.

But what questions do you ask, and how do you approach a referee to get the most detail about a future employee?

Industry Skills Fund
17th Feb 2015 by Brenden Brien

The $476 million Industry Skills Fund – Growth Stream (the fund) is a key element in the Australian Government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda and will provide up to 200,000 training places and support services over four years.